Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 Driver For FreeBSD

By | September 4, 2019


Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 Review, Specifications And Features, Performance, file information, and Driver Download

Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 Driver For FreeBSD – Nvidia GeForce GTX 960, the second generation of Nvidia’s Maxwell hardware arrived with the high-end GTX 980 and GTX 970 cards back in September, but it’s taken until now for mainstream parts to arrive. That’s where the GTX 960 comes in; it’s designed for 1080p gaming, is far more palatable than its high-end stablemates.

The number 60 has developed a special meaning in Nvidia’s product line over the last five years. While its high-end flagships push the boundaries of performance, its mid-range GPUs, like the much-loved GTX 660, are the chips most gamers actually buy. It’s currently the most popular family of video cards in Steam’s hardware survey, and the card most frequently used by fans of the multiplayer-online-battle-arena (MOBA) genre. 

Specifications And Features Nvidia GeForce GTX 960

The GTX 960 uses the same Maxwell architecture as the GTX 980 and 970 but, as you might expect, it’s been altered to craft a GPU that better suites the 960’s mission.

Nvidia calls the chip “GM206.” It has eight streaming multiprocessors, each of which contains 128 CUDA cores, for a total of 1,024. That’s roughly half the GTX 980, which provides a good idea of where this new card stands compared to the flagship. The GTX 960 is not just a minor step-down from the cream of the crop, but instead a dramatic revision that cuts back in several key areas.

Still, Nvidia says it has extracted maximum grunt from the cores available. Per-core performance is up almost 40 percent compared to Kepler, the architecture used in the 700 series chips, and performance per watt has doubled.

Few gamers will have reason to quarrel with the GPU. They may have a complaint about the memory, however, which is a meager 128-bit pipe paired with 2GB of GDDR5.

That works out to 148.8 gigabytes of bandwidth per second, which is about 100 gigabytes per second behind the GTX 980, and only a minor improvement over the GTX 660 (which Nvidia quotes at 144.2GB/s). Such a tiny bump is surprising; the GTX 660 was released almost three years ago and the memory demands of games have increased since then.

Maxwell is all about achieving better performance while cutting power consumption. Nvidia has done this by rearranging its stream processors – the parts that do the heavy lifting inside a GPU core. 

There are four of those smaller multiprocessors inside each GPC, which allows Nvidia to delegate tasks with more precision – and, therefore, operate more frugally. Maxwell’s revised GPCs don’t need as much resource-sharing hardware, either, which further cuts down power draw.

Performance Nvidia GeForce GTX 960

Now we know where Nvidia intends the GTX 960 to compete, but talk isn’t worth much. Here’s how this new mid-range hardware stacked up in modern titles.

Futuremark’s 3DMark is the industry standard among synthetic benchmark tests. It provides a solid, well-rounded look at performance across a variety of loops designed to simulate different workloads, from games so basic they can run on tablets to the most demanding 3D titles. We focus on Cloud Gate and Fire Strike, which simulate modest and extremely intense titles, respectively.

The performance picture here is clear. Nvidia’s GTX 970 trails the flagship 980 by about 20 percent and the 960 is about 40 percent lower.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 Driver For FreeBSD

Operating System: FreeBSD x64
Release Date: 2019.8.29
Version: 435.21
Size: 61.18 Mb



Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 Driver For FreeBSD

Operating System: FreeBSD x86
Release Date: 2018.8.27
Version: 390.87
Size: 61.35 Mb


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